Ages ago,
wind instruments called "Mait" or "Monaulos" in Hellenistic Aegypt,
and "Auloi" in Anatolia used to play.


In Asia, the home of cultures,
different nationes have developed these instruments through the ages,
in order to give their own culturel tones.

the woodwind double reed folk instruments of Asia which are called



"Yasti Balaban"
"Kamis Sirnay"

in Turkey
in Azerbeijan, Iran and Uzbekistan
in Dagestan
in Georgia
in Armenia
in Japan
in Korea
in China
in Kyrkyzstan



are the current represantatives of a reach music culture
which extends its roots in to the antiquity.

This website;
contains information about the "Mey"
which is the represenative of such instruments in Turkey.

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by Dr. Songul Karahasanoglu of
Istanbul Technical University / Conservatory of Turkish Music
unless referanced otherwise.





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